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About Jack Tindal

Jack Tindalhas worked in human resources management for over 29 years. Attaining the position of Regional Human Resources Director with the Mediplex Group, Inc., in 1982, Tindal rose within the company to Division Director and later to National Director of Human Resources. Jack Tindal managed all levels of human resource policy and function at the Mediplex Group, including the successful design and implementation of a worker’s compensation program that reduced costs throughout the division by 75 percent. Additionally, Tindal conducted labor relations and union avoidance training for management and implemented downsizing efforts that resulted in over $1.5 million in savings.After 12 years with the Mediplex Group, Inc., Jack Tindal became Vice President of Human Resources with Sun Healthcare Group, Inc. He was promoted to Senior Vice President of Human Resources and later to Chief Administrative Officer. Tindal oversaw human resources activities at the corporate, divisional, and regional level and oversaw a budget of $3.8 million. He developed comprehensive employee relations policies, financial broadcasting, and staff training programs. In eight years, Jack Tindal achieved labor cost reductions of $8.5 million through downsizing and implemented a new workers compensation program that reduced company expenses by $2.75 million annually. Tindal also created a new staffing program that brought down overtime expenses by $18 million.

A sought-after human resources leader, Tindal served as Vice President of Human Resources with the MedAssist Group, Inc., for three years and revamped its human resources department. His responsibilities included developing strategies for staffing, training, and payroll information systems, as well as ensuring that human resources initiatives were applied consistently and carried out across all business lines and areas of operation. Jack Tindal managed the human resources functions during three acquisitions and developed programs that reduced companywide employee turnover by 22 percent.

Jack Tindal is now the national Vice President of Human Resources with Firstsource Solutions USA, Inc., managing human resource initiatives and policies throughout the company’s North American operations. He holds a Master’s degree in Administration and Human Resource Management from West Chester University.


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